Where Are the Adults? Logic Fails, More Razzle Dazzle





Singing River Health System Trustee Scott Taylor, in a response to District 3 supervisor candidate Ken Taylor (no relation) had the following to say:

Scott Taylor, too afraid of being wrong, offers no opinion of his own, yet accuses others who do the same of needing balls.

Emotion that overrides logic is not what SRHS or the retirees need.



See it all for yourself on Taylor’s blog.

8 thoughts on “Where Are the Adults? Logic Fails, More Razzle Dazzle”

  1. Emotion that overrides logic…. maybe why John McKay thinks so much of Scott Taylor…birds of a feather

  2. Everybody just needs to take a deep breath, sit back, relax and play another game of Clue. OK here we go. Operation Pillution 2.Scotty this one is for you. No accounting needed. What does the Certus Lab and Pharmatex LLC have in common? I will give you some fun info to help. Pharmaceutical compounding has come a long way in recent years. Right here in Ocean Springs we have one of the best pharmacies around, according to a certain group of local doctors. In fact they have so much faith in this one pharmacy, they refer all of their SRHS patients there. The business has been such a financial success that the owners have opened one in Alabama named Advanced Compounding LLC and another in Florida and another in North Ms. and god(and Kevin) knows where else. Who are these whiz bang MDing Stark ACTors? While they are not making asbestos or tobacco kabillions they are making a whole lot more than the whole SRHS is. You now have the Clue to identify the owners. All of the balls are in your court. Good luck.

    1. According to MS Secretary of State website Pharmatex llc has been dissolved. Does that mean it is no longer in business?

      1. Could be but not necessarily. They could have failed to file the proper paper work with the SOS. They also could have shut it down.Over the internet selling allows them to be anywhere. But know this; They were operating in Ocean Springs on Government St.for sometime.Other locations they have are probably being utilized to now disguise the scam.Now that they have been exposed you will see the other location shut down probably.If they do not have the SRHS patients to refer they are out of business. The lab work for urine testing is still going strong.

        1. Per filings with the Secretary of State Pharmatex shut down operations and was not administratively dissolved. Further, we didn’t find record of Pharmatex having had any location on Government Street. We appreciate tips and comments, but facts should be able to sustain any allegations.

          1. SRHS Watch, I agree that it does appear that Pharmatex LLC is no longer an operating entity. They were listed on the Bizapedia site as file #1003675.This listing included an address of 3302 Government St.,Ocean Springs,Ms. This Bizapedia listing has since been removed but I still have a file showing this information if any doubts exist. This same entity is currently listed on the NPIdb site showing an office location of 4551 Gautier-Vancleave Rd. Gautier,Ms. operating under Ms.License # F11511. Of course Certus Laboratores is currently operating from 13827- #10 Bienville Blvd.,Ocean Springs right behind Whataburger and has a sign displayed on the entry door for public viewing. At this point, with some of the doctors involved being placed on forced leave from the SRHS, probably indicates pressure is being applied in an attempt to stop all of this patient bleeding this may have caused. Maybe these doctors feel insecure about the positions they hold being eliminated and are exploring other means of income. We will see very soon.

  3. I am baffled. Supervisor McKay is touting his newest appointment of SRHS trustee Taylor. Trustee Taylor is praising the “new” administration’s work of Kevin Holland as he corrects the prior “mistakes” of the Anderson regime.

    Yet, a quick google search on Mr. Holland reveals the following information, as published by the Mississippi Press on February 28, 2014.

    Mr. Holland has held administrative positions since 1998. Since 2009, he was the Chief Operating Officer (until 2014 promotion to CEO). At time of promotion, Mike Heidelberg, (then) president of SRHS Board of Trustees said: “Kevin is a local man with…tremendous knowledge is Singing River Health System.”

    At time of promotion, the same news article quoted Mr. Holland: “I know this organization and its people better than most, and I have the great advantage of learning from some of the best leaders anywhere.”

    Well, were Misters Heidelburg and Holland telling the truth in 2014? Does
    Trustee Taylor believe that CEO Holland has amnesia regarding his actions prior to February 2014? Does supervisor McKay know that he has fiduciary responsibilities in his position beyond road work?

    As the song says: “clowns to the left; jokers to the right. Here I am, stuck in the middle with you.”

  4. Scarlet Anderson

    Why weren’t the doctors who did this fired? They diverted business, self referred and stole company time (still are doing it right now). Seems illegal and unethical. They are still there. If a regular employee did this, we would be fired, why not them, WTF?

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