3 thoughts on “The House of Cards Will Tumble”

  1. So I see the Bond girls of marketing are hard at it promoting cardiovascular services and cardiovascular surgery although 50% of their cardiovascular surgeons will be gone in a month. There seems to be an exodus of physicians including cardiovascular surgeons, neurosurgeons, pulmonologists, family practice, internists, gastroenterologists, psychiatrists, and critical care doctors. It is doubtful that the new board of trustees will be as enamored and ignorant as the previous board with power points and videos and delicious food. One group that needs to be looked at hard is the Pascagoula family practice group. The wait time was ridiculous even though there was nobody in the waiting room with me! Wonder how much those doctors are making. Speaking of money, I’ll bet the new Board of Trustees will be interested to see which administrators have gotten raises in the last two years. Time to do a little spring cleaning…

  2. I’ve been seeing the pulmonology services advertised, too. What the marketing team is not telling you is that most of the pulmonologists there when Kevin took over have split. It takes 6 months to get an appointment. This marks his 2 year anniversary as CEO. How would you grade him?

  3. F in math and accounting practices
    F in leadership and team building
    F in ethics
    A in not telling complete truth
    A in fictional writing skills

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