That Smile You Get When Asked …

WLOX’s Doug Walker asks Kevin Holland:

Doesn’t somebody deserve some jail time over this?

Holland’s immediate reaction:



4 thoughts on “That Smile You Get When Asked …”

  1. Surely someone must be held responsible for this mess! I have much concern for the Jackson County DA Tony Lawrence. How in the world did the grand jury FULLY investigate the pension trust plan, deliberate, and render a no bill all in the matter of 5 short days?
    I hold the DA responsible for the no bill that was returned. The grand jury most likely heard only what the DA wanted them to hear. Since Mr Lawrence worked for Roy Williams prior to his election, I feel certain that he was influenced by his connection with the Williams family.
    There is too much corruption in Jackson county. The people will never know the truth!

  2. You know Kevin and Chris will be talking about this multi-million dollar smile when they meet up at Toomer’s Corner this weekend prior to the Auburn-Ms.State football game. Chris will pat Kevin on the back and say something like “you pulled off the interview better than Roy and I could have possibly prepared hoped for.The depositions must go the same way. Nobody gives anybody up and we will all smile when this blows over”. Then they recite that Ms.State Bulldog fight song together as the walk towards the entry into Jordan-Hare Stadium. I bet they are all staying at the Auburn Marriott Hotel at Grand National. After all, it is under the same ownership as the Grand Hotel in Point Clear and they are probably using some of that $50,000+ credit for this weekend’s retreat and strategy session.

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