Talks About Talks; Razzle Dazzle From SRHS, JCBOS

The last two meetings of the JCBOS have been spent talking about talking. Today Singing River confirmed that the “talks about talks” have been just that: talk.

“We have not been contacted by anyone about having a meeting of this nature but will certainly consider any requests,” SRHS Director of Communications Richard Lucas said Tuesday night.

April Havens, The Mississippi Press


How hard is to pick up the phone and call your campaign contributor Kevin Holland?  What about have your attorney call their attorney? Maybe they needed to check with the powers behind the throne.

Havens’ article continues:

Lucas said that in December 2014, SRHS had four sessions scheduled with retirees to discuss the pension.

“Unfortunately, lawsuits and the litigation process started right then, which precluded us from holding these sessions,” he said. “This was a significant disappointment to us.”


Lucas claims disappointment, yet SRHS was already preparing for litigation. Singing River put its insurer on notice of potential litigation on November 21. A letter from Chubb to Celeste Oglesby shows:


Singing River was expecting to get sued. One week later, on November 28, the BOT would vote to terminate the plan.

The time for talking to plan participants was before the plan was terminated. Indeed, this issue first came to light at the end of October, had been discussed in JCBOS meetings, and attorneys held a public forum in the interim. If Singing River wanted a discussion, and to avoid costly and painful litigation, it might have been well served to undertake a dialogue prior to embarking on a course of action for which it fully appreciated would become the subject of protracted litigation.

In this case it might have been easier to ask permission, than beg forgiveness.

Homework Assignment

Richard Lucas claims in the same article that SRHS will “continue to be open and transparent about information regarding our retirement program as it becomes available[.]”

The 2013 & 2014 pension plan audits have been completed, but have not been made available. This was previously reported by SRHS Watch.

Call Singing River and ask that the 2013 and 2014 audits be published.  Let us know the response.


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  1. It is shocking he (lucas) still there. One of the few smart things they done is fired all the other marketing people who wasn’t doing nothing but when they stopped at him as the PR “anti-communication” face front man it is just typical “The more things change the more they stay the same.” The few new good worker bee ones they got doing the marketing parts will end up to probably quit because Lucas is such an a-hole and has never been able to work with anybody for the 40 years he has been there. And yet he will still be there because he must have some blood ties with the williamses. Nothing changes. Not even the face.

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