Sunday Morning Preview

SRHS Watch returns from hiatus with a preview of events that are unfolding.

Karen Nelson at The Sun Herald has an article out today explaining more about the corporate welfare the Board of Supervisors grants to the 12th largest corporation in the US, Chevron. Subsidies for Chevron, but not for the county’s poor in need of healthcare.

Other items to be covered:

  • Discovery has been stayed in SRHS cases
  • Singing River’s Budget
  • Review of 2013 pension plan audit
  • Chris Anderson MANs up, still in bed with SRHS execs
  • Retirees appeal to President Obama, look for more national and statewide attention
  • Statewide races and SRHS
  • The JCBOS in conjunction with the Pat Harrison waterway seek to dam(n) the Pascagoula to create a water park
  • Transparency and openness reforms that should be enacted by the county

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Preview”

  1. Glad you’re back! May I suggest a couple of topics? Foundation, salary increases, Chubb lawsuit and potential costs to srhs, and DW- how much paid and how administrator St. Pe is benefitting from this not to mention he Williams’s.

    1. Thanks for the suggestions. The Chubb litigation has been touched upon in previous posts, though not at length. A story regarding the foundation is forthcoming.

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