SRHS Budget Must Be Approved by JCBOS

District 5 Supervisor John McKay gave an interview campaign ad to WXXV-TV yesterday. He lists as one of the few responsibilities of the Jackson County Board of Supervisors is to “receive a budget.”

Pay close attention to the wording used. “Receive a budget” is but one part of the responsibility. MS CODE 41-13-47 actually states emphasis added:

Such [proposed] budget, as submitted or amended, shall be approved by the said owner […] which approval shall be evidenced by a proper order recorded upon the minutes of each such owner.


McKay doesn’t mention the fact that the JCBOS had the additional responsibility to approve or deny the budget. That would point JCBOS’ failure to approve, and SRHS’ failure to secure such approval for a budget for several years.

Is SRHS currently operating without a budget approved by the Board of Supervisors? If so, how long has this been the case? What are the consequences of SRHS operating without an approved budget? What remedies do the JCBOS or the state have to enforce compliance with the law?

If, as McKay says, SRHS didn’t know the law and the JCBOS didn’t know the law, why do they continue to rely upon the same attorneys? Paula Yancey is still representing the BOS; nepotism has seen Brett Williams take over for his recently retired father at SRHS.  Do they trust these attorneys to keep them in compliance with straightforward state statutes?


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  1. After watching McKay’s campaign ad on WXXV Junior Varsity TV and reading this post one can only assume he is lying for re-election purposes. Why else would this man ignore what is in print and is so clear from just a simple reading. No AG opinion needed. Of course, he was pitched nothing but slow soft balls and still managed to strike out. I just wonder if from the date he made the statement in the WLOX interview about the problem being “ignorance” was he instructed by his people to deny any and all responsibility for the lack of oversight this Board of Stupidvisors has provided? Now they are just silent and remote landlords who have no say about the financial matters of this county owned hospital system. I guess they will wake up in the morning and decide to file suit against the SunHerald, SRHS Watch, and any other party reporting the facts about this derelict group of dumb, dumb, dumb miscreants. Supervisor McKay, for one, has served long enough to enhance his retirement. Unlike the people who are participants in the hospital pension he can go home without worry about a food or medicine decision. He should step away to allow others to serve. Maybe the voters can find someone who will become aware of the responsibilities of serving and conduct them selves in a professional manner in doing so. He has not and will not if re-elected.

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