Updated: Resignation Watch at SRHS BOT

SRHS Watch has learned that a newly appointed Singing River trustee is expected to resign due to a conflict of interest.  Sworn statements filed in U.S. Bankruptcy Court show that Barbara Dumas-Marshall owes Singing River Health System and its collection agencies around $11,000.  Dumas-Marshall also has several outstanding debts with area physicians who are credentialed at SRHS.  This creates a conflict of interest between Dumas-Marshall, SRHS, and the physicians.

We are informed that Supervisor Melton Harris was aware of the potential conflict prior to his appointment of Dumas-Marshall.

Updated March 3, 2016 at 4:10 p.m.

9 thoughts on “Updated: Resignation Watch at SRHS BOT”

  1. If he was aware of the conflict, shame on him. Shame on her for not recognizing the conflict and turn down the appointment. Or the bigger question, knowing the conflict, Harris and Dumas-Marahall thought it was politics as usual in Good ole Jackson county. Lord, I pray for the day we truly have servants of the county who are truly interested in what they can do for Jackson County and NOT what Jackson County can do for them! Lord hear my prayer!

  2. Melton Harris has been drinking too much Moss Point water and has been dumbed down.He needs to switch to unleaded. Remember not long ago when he stated that the citizens comments and opinions had no bearing on how he casts his vote as a supervisor? He also wanted to cut back or eliminate public comments and only allow them at the end of the meetings to discourage anyone from being there. He really needs to explain his vote to hire Health Assurance LLC to provide medical services at the Jackson County Jail. http://blog.gulflive.com/mississippi-press-opinion/2011/04/epps_just_trying_to_help_jackson_county_letter.html In this article indicted felon Chris Epps who was the top dog over Ms.Prisons said attended the JCBOS meeting because Harris asked him to. Was Harris involved with the now known criminal enterprises Epps controlled involving county jails and services provided? Does he have a business relationship with recently indicted William Simmons from Biloxi? Now he appoints some unqualified bankrupt individual to serve on the SRHS BOT knowing her situation? Is this his cousin or sister-in-law? That would be the only thing that would explain his selection. Many questions about Melton Harris to be answered.

    1. Dumas-Marshall retired as Jackson County’s grants coordinator in 2015. She worked for the county nearly 30 years.

      1. Melton Harris has stated he was using the appointment of Dumas-Harris to test the new law that disqualifies her from serving on the SRHS BOT. Her 30 years at Jackson County, while appreciated, gives her no special skills to be offered as a board member in my opinion, unless the plan is to seek grant money to help save the hospital system.Dumas-Harris,like any other person who owes the hospital money,was offered a payment plan but you must make the minimum payments agrred to.She is now being pursued by collection agencies for non-payment.Harris needs to quit wasting time testing the laws of the state of Ms. and appoint someone who can bring something to the table on this board if he knows how to determine what type of back round would make an individual right for service.We should all be concerned that he can not figure this out.Maybe one of the new supervisors can supervise Harris and vet his choices so he does not make a fool out of himself again or should I say over an over.They seemed to have made quality appointments in their first month in office.He stumbles along after all of these years.

  3. Same Reasin I guess singing River health system contracted with a company to do the wmployye health wellness instead if using their own clinics

    The rumour is that Lee Bond has some type of connection to the new company so there yA go

    politics as usual , business as usual in jackson County

    So my question is when are all you citizens Gonna speak up and say ENOUUGH? We retirees can’t do it all alone

    1. SRHS employees are required to get their annual wellness visit at one of the clinics owned by SRHS. Not sure what you are referring to.

  4. Melton Harris needs to step forward and explain then disavow his relationship with convicted felons Chris Epps and Robert Simmons. He also needs to make public any relationship he has with Health Assurance LLC who was put in place to handle all medical needs at the Jackson County Jail. Who was the BOS working with as a representative of this company when this decision was made? The public has a right to know.

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