Reminder of an Order of the Court and Rules of Professional Conduct

To certain attorneys commenting online, especially on newspaper and television reports: please be mindful of an order by Judge Guirola on August 18, 2015.  The order requires attorneys who have entered an appearance in the federal cases to limit extrajudicial statements as contemplated by the Miss. Rules of Professional Conduct 3.6.

Additionally,  please be aware of rule 4.3 which provides that an attorney disclose his or her role in a case.  This is the not the first instance in which extrajudicial statements were made without disclosure of status as an attorney in the cases.  We understand that not being admitted to the bar in Mississippi may be a hindrance to full awareness. Nevertheless a pro hac vice admission requires compliance.

There are many members of the putative class who are not represented by attorneys and are relying upon media reports for information and possible guidance on how to proceed. Any attorney commenting on social media should not make statements as to the settlement without disclosing his or her role in the case. Especially when such comments threaten “Do you want something or nothing […] ?”

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