MS Press JCBOS Exclusive: Useless but Important Information, JCBOS Spends $345k on Guice et al.

Instead of expending time and energy dissecting Billy Guice’s press release in The Mississippi Pravda, we refer you to our native sons Messrs. James Buffett & LC “Mac” McAnally. This blog, Slabbed, The Sun Herald, WLOX, and WXXV-TV have already reported on much of what was in the release.

What is becoming clear is that Billy Guice was not hired to find a solution, but rather to build a shield around the Jackson County Board of Supervisors. What are the taxpayers of Jackson County getting for their $345,000+ that is being spent on Mr. Guice?  Why does Mr. Guice make public statements on behalf of the Board of Supervisors to insinuate that the retirees aren’t getting a good enough deal, yet make private statements to SRHS that the county will provide no assistance?

Are Mr. Guice and the Board of Supervisors of the opinion that SRHS can fully re-fund the pension plan without assistance from the county? What alternatives have the BoS proposed to Singing River?

We have previously advocated that the full story needs to be told. That has not happened today. Guice simply microwaved facts already in public information and served them up as haute cuisine to The Mississippi Pravda. Instead of this, simply release a report and attach an appendix of all supporting documents. Let the public see what their $345,000 has bought, so far it appears to be little more than once used oats.

Jackson County has spent $300,000-plus on SRHS probe” Anita Lee, The Sun Herald, June 25, 2015

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