Midweek Musical Repose

Can’t you just imagine a partner taking his associate along for a ride down to the judge’s chambers? Share some coffee, rehash the National Championship game, talk about how Ole Miss beat Alabama in the regular season, and crack a few jokes.  A few taps on an iPad later and those pesky cases just got stayed. Who cares about the timing? The erstwhile judge already had his mind made up anyways, didn’t he?

What Conway is trying to tell ya, is that it gets easier with practice. Sure, you’re nervous and sweatin’ now, but you’ll be back-slappin’ and glad-handin’ in no time.


1 thought on “Midweek Musical Repose”

  1. http://www.wlox.com/story/31023521/15-million-in-assets-seized-after-fbi-pharmacy-raids

    Anyone with any info on any of the myriad hinky dealings in this area might ought to REALLY be thinking about the next chapter in their lives: do you want to have a part in writing it or do you want to be told how it will play out? Good ol’ Scott Walker is now out – for the time being – might want to reach out to him and see if he has any tips for doing time. If nothing else, he can explain how to bite a prison pillow without swallowing too much…pillowcase.

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