Meta Post – No Quarter

A meta post is in order:  there is a concern by some that this site is somehow associated with SRHS. That is unequivocally not the case. This site is about the retirees fighting for what they were promised and about documenting those who betrayed the public trust. Anyone is invited to comment, submit information or documents, clarify, question, or rebut any post on this site. You will not be censored, except for vulgarities. You are asked to refrain from personal attacks, e.g. extra-marital affairs.*   This site should not be a platform for maligning any involved parties. There may be some collateral damage by simply documenting and editorializing the events as they unfold.

Your correspondent has no ties to Singing River executives (past or present), any of the retirees, the Board of Supervisors, to any plaintiffs or defendants, accounting firms, vendors, or attorneys involved in this case.  Simply put:  your correspondent has no dog in the fight, other than restoring integrity to public entities. The editorial bias should be clear: retirees should be made whole.  Those responsible either by negligence, willful act, political motive, greed, or self-preservation should be exposed and removed from their positions.  Those actors along with those who seek to obstruct the free flow of public information will find no quarter.

Some give back to the community by volunteering time to pick up trash or by teaching boating safety at the Power Squadron. This site is a way of giving back, by researching and documenting the plays and the players.  The costs and fees associated with maintaining this site are all personally borne.

Captain Keitt 1907 Howard Pyle 1853-1911
Captain Keitt 1907
Howard Pyle 1853-1911


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Thank you to all those who visit, promote, comment and contribute. Good luck in your quest for justice.

Your faithful and humble correspondent,

-Bart Roberts

*Personal comments regarding issues such as affairs will be tolerated if they are related to other events. (Purely an example: if a judge and a defense attorney are having an affair, this is relevant.)

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