McKay Buys Campaign Supplies from KAFB Commissary

In the course of any campaign, it is necessary to buy supplies and food for fundraisers and other events. John McKay’s 2011 campaign was no different, except that he took his campaign shopping to the tax free Keesler Air Force Base Commissary. The DOD established and maintains commissaries for the subsistence needs of military members and their families. The goods are sold at cost and tax free to service members and dependents.  According to DOD regulations:

Individuals […] will not sell or give away commissary purchases to individuals, organizations, or activities not entitled to commissary privileges


Do political campaigns fall under activities not entitled to commissary privileges?



commissary purchase restrictions

2 thoughts on “McKay Buys Campaign Supplies from KAFB Commissary”

  1. Hopeful Phoenix

    What I find interesting is who is listed below KAFB. Good ole Danny Boy. Now was he not the campaign manager for McKay before? And didn’t John Mckay recommend him for the cushy Harbor Master job ? (
    In the above article McKay states, ¨ he and Jalanivich have been friends for “a long, long time” and he put in a recommendation for Jalanivich for the job.¨ There were 20 applicants and he was chosen.
    Then you have the Jalanvich, Walker, Harris and McKay DMR land deals.
    Look at some of the county properties that come through Jalanvich Real Estate or Anchor Reality. Look in YADA…this was David Harris’s youth organization with the YMCA. Keep digging!

  2. I have a different view of McKay’s KAFB Commissary. He is probably buying groceries for his house and paying for them with campaign funds.I have a life long friend who once worked at the USM Research Lab in OS.He could tell you some good stories about Bill and Sharon Walker when they both were employed there. The lab had a charge account at Broome’s Grocery and the Walkers would charge much of their personal food needs to this account.This went on for years. They felt entitled because they were the Walkers. McKay, being a very close friend an associate of the Walkers, has the same sense of entitlement. You are not supposed to purchase anything from a military commissary except items for personal or family consumption. Even supplies for a party that includes others in your own home is disallowed.Someone should file a complaint against this block head. He has no limits for low. Also his bag man, Danny Jalanivich is a county employee. Is he allowed to participate in a county elections? I think he is McKay’s campaign manager and works part time at the OS Harbor. So much can be said about John McKay but the image he has created of himself because of his association with Bill Walker,Scott Walker,David Harris,Morris Strickland and others says it best. The only difference between Bill Walker and John McKay is one has already been convicted and sentenced.They are both political deviants who care about nothing other than what they can grab for themselves.Does not matter if its grants,bribes,fishing trips,campaign donations,or fund raisers.They are all involved in the same type of crooked lifestyle and have been for years.If the voters of District 5 do not kick him to the curb maybe the FEDS will get him.He has been at the center of every suspicious deal in Jackson County for the last 10 years. Let us pray one or the other happens.

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