Judge Hilburn’s Email Order Staying all State Court Cases

I am advised that class certification for members of the S.R,H,S. [sic] Retirement Trust
Is [sic] being sought in the parallel S.R.H.S [sic] litigation filed in the U.S. District Court, Southern
Division. As an aid to federal jurisdiction; [sic] to avoid duplicate and costly litigation and
to allow the benefits of federal class action to inure to all members of the retirement trust
I am ordering a temporary stay in the S.R.H,S [sic] Jackson County litigation effective
The importance of a resolution of the S.R.H.S [sic] litigation to the members of the retirement
trust, to the Jackson County hospital [sic] and  to Jackson County is obvious.
The temporary stay, which is now in effect, will require that the hearings, set for tomorrow
( January 13th ), be canceled.
I will provide notice to all parties if, and when, it becomes necessary resume active litigation.

Thank you,
L. B. H.

6 thoughts on “Judge Hilburn’s Email Order Staying all State Court Cases”

  1. Shhh shizzle SRHS watch. Is this stay anthing to do with a certain judges recusal ?

    The idiot citizens of Jackson County Mississippi are getting exactly what they deserve. A good old fashion screw from the redneck backwards good old white southern boy network that has been allowed to continue under their watch.

    We have crap across the bridge but at least eventually someone goes down unlike in Jackson County.

    JC is now 3 and 0. DMR , Mike Byrd and now SRHS!

    Good luck folks, hope Morris Sticklands former tenants left some of those million dollars worth of condons, yall gonna need them for the screwing you’re taking.

  2. That’s one way for a judge to avoid a pending motion to recuse him set for hearing the next day: just stay the case.


  3. Of course Hilburn did it again. What else did anyone paying attention expect? Two non-local federal judges have ripped Hilburn apart for this same kind of stuff. You’ve got a whole bunch of attorneys on all sides, and that includes Guice, the packs at Dogan and Wilkinson and Page Mannino Peresich, etc., as well as Denham and Barton (Dentons, while willingly taking fees, is merely a “hired gun” and they have no dog in the fight), all feeding out of the same finite trough. Hilburn was the perfect man for this job. If the “settlement” goes through as it is currently laid out, dozens of attorneys from all sides will laugh all the way to their boats, condos and booze-soaked vacations. As to the judges directly involved, both state and federal, why does anyone think SRHS/Dogan and Wilkinson went to such lengths to get Harris out? Why do you think Bradley took her first chance to bail out before her cronies at Dogan and Wilkinson finally got her into a real jam? She may be bought-and-paid-for, but she isn’t a complete moron. The various crony trustees are just part of the pack, there to get their share of the spoils.

    Not to beat a dead horse, but the retirees are not very likely to get 100% of what they expected, plain and simple. Why would anyone think that if you have a pension fund that has been looted of $150 MILLION while numerous attorneys and other assorted troughhogs have scarfed up another $15-plus MILLION and then just like magic suddenly come up with that missing $150 MILLION as if nothing was ever missing? It just is not fiscally or mathematically plausable. Jesus may have turned water into wine, but a bunch of crooked dumbass rednecks cannot turn 50 cents into a dollar bill.

    If the various attorneys who are supposedly on the side of retirees/clients were actually doing this for the public good, why aren’t at least one or two of them, all of who are fairly well off, doing this truly pro bono? Pledging in writing that whatever they can get, it’ll go to fund the plan and they will not take any money. They are in this thing not only for the money but what they see as the glory, “the win,” in their own little circle. If it is choice between them getting a bigger boat, another condo or living large and some retiree eating cat food, it’ll be them first and the retirees can choke down their Friskies, the suckers.

    In the SRHS pension debacle, the sad truth is that the retirees helped make their own bed. Instead of demanding from the get-go an immediate investigation by real investigators, most retirees locked in on getting 100% rather than wanting to figure out what was going on. Wanting 100% is not wrong, but it was clear that there was a problem and fixating on getting 100% rather than figuring out who did what and where the money went played right into the hands of the very people who screwed them out of that 100%. From a money standpoint they would have been better off by being willing to settle a bit, but actually getting something closer to full value. The simple math says they are not going to get what they could have gotten because the already limited resources have been further depleted.

    Is there any upside? That remains to be seen. If rumors in certain circles are even somewhat true, there are numerous real Feds just waiting for these douchebags to really dig themselves a hole and get all warm and cozy before they bust a whole bunch of these crooks. It goes way, way beyond Singing River and the pension. There is Katrina money fraud, tax evasion, Strickland and his sex slave spa and drug-dealing bars, various hinkey deals like the hotel and apartments in Pascagoula, Charter Bank, Chris Epps and that whole mess, the Walkers, judicial corruption, bribery, Medicare/Medicaid fraud in at least three states, etc., etc., etc. If those rumors are true, there is a group of feds in DC who are pretty sure Hillary isn’t going to get elected so they are out in a year anyway and they have no love for a bunch of Mississippi GOP crackers. If they can bust a bunch of racist rednecks who deserve to be busted and as a bonus, give the finger to people like Haley and Trent, it could be just too good to pass up. Remember Scott Walker? He is a two-time loser and a third strike will not be pleasant for him. If he gets scared of doing some real time at a real prison, who knows what is liable to start spilling out of him. And then, all of the other JV players in all of this such as wannabe-judge Paula Yancey, Judge Bradley, Judge Hilburn, ex-Judge Bordis, numerous past and present folks at Dogan and Wilkinson and Page Mannino Peresich and so on. If I were involved in any way with any of these crooked redneck morons and their deals, I would be very nervous or I would be trying to get in front of it before I got steamrolled along with them. If those rumors are true, the Feds may not need much more from anyone wanting to cut a deal.

    1. Rumors are rumors and ought to remain such. Denham and Barton have received not a nickel for their work, while The attorneys representing the defense have collectively received a small fortune already.

  4. So Hilburn stops everything, all because of a few retirees in Federal Court. Seems like everybody even the judge is counting on some good news for Singing River at the federal hearing. They are sure to be disappointed. Judge Guirola is too highly respected to be caught up in such disgraceful and desperate behavior from these attorneys. Given his lack of judicial understanding, you can bet Kevin Holland has no idea how desperate and disgraceful Singing River looks, and you can bet his attorneys aren’t telling him the truth. Money, money, money.
    And speaking of money, we are all proud of Kevin Holland and the work that he has done to put singing river back into the black. Even though it is not rocket science, he did have to cut a lot of positions and people to get profitability returned. (But don’t count all the liabilities) It’s my hope everyone is congratulating him and telling him what a fine job he is doing (he needs that affirmation desperately). That will be his salve to help his wounds once the new BOT cuts him and the rest of the over paid Lingle bunch.

  5. Comments concerning Judge Bradley’s self-recusal are well meant, I am sure, but entirely unfair and inaccurate. Nor are those disparaging former Chancellor Chuck Bordis in any way fair to him. Both are entirely as innocent of any wrongdoing, as is Judge Neil Harris As for the rest, as an insider, I will not offer any criticism. I will tell you that filings today are going to be extremely useful in shedding light on this sordid scandal.

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