Has this been cancelled?

Has the planned retreat been cancelled, or is it still on?  It’s unclear at this time.   Richard Lucas, VP for Communications at Singing River Health System, was contacted last week regarding the retreat. SRHS Watch received no reply.

Check out excerpts of the minutes from the May 28 and April 30, 2014.


Hat tip to Anita Lee and the Sun Herald who obtained and published these.

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  1. Retreat retreat retreat

    I have never understood the need to have the retreat where only half the day is spent on business and from lunch till late night dancing is fun for the board members leadership and their spouses with children activites too

    Why could they not have their retreat in mississippi at one of the nice meeting rooms along the coast where they could all meet for One day and go home to their families at night?

    As part of the retreat is Srhs still paying golden boy Gary golden ? You talk about a sweetheart of a deal.

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