Friday Musical Repose: Hilburn’s Hokey Pokey

Hilburn seems to be dancing to the same tune as he was back in Wilson v. Scruggs.

Improperly plead, properly plead. Not before the court, before the court.

Hearing is scheduled,hearing is cancelled. I will follow the court’s order, I won’t follow the court’s order, I will follow the court’s order. I won’t recuse, I will recuse, but I won’t recuse in some.

The thing that is shaken is the public perception of the judiciary.

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“Should I Stay or Should I Go” by the Clash is another great tune that so applies to this situation.With a few custom changes we could come up with a local version. “Dogan and Wilkerson you got to let me know…Should I stay or should I go? If you say the settlement is part mine…I’ll be there until the end of time…So Roy tell your boy to let me know…Should I stay or should I go? The hell with those two crooked attorneys…We will keep the pension people on their knees …One day I’m gone, the next I’m back… Barton and Denham, we must verbally attack…Robert and Roy,Jim and Matt please let me know…Should I stay or should I go? Of course this probably could use some further refining but I think this sums up what is really going on with this so called judge and why his actions are so suspect. He has been compromised.

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