Emergency Motion Filed at Supreme Court – Alleges Judicial Corruption

Attorneys Harvey Barton and Earl Denham have filed a motion with the Mississippi Supreme Court asking for an emergency hearing on their cases in the Singing River pension matter.
Barton and Denham point to video of a secret meeting by the judges in the case and attorneys from SRHS and for other plaintiffs.

The motion alleges a secret meeting was held at Special Master Britt Singletary’s Biloxi office. The meeting concluded less than an hour before Judge Hilburn issued orders on several motions before canceling hearings scheduled the next day. Hilburn has put an indefinite pause in place on all of his cases related to SRHS. A motion asking Hilburn and Singletary to recuse was still pending when Hilburn ordered the pause.

Attendees of the Tuesday, January 12, 2015 meeting are alleged to include:

  • Judge Breland Hilburn
  • Special Master Britt Singletary
  • Special Fiduciary Steve Simpson
  • Brett Williams, attorney for SRHS
  • Kelly Sessoms, attorney for SRHS
  • Scott Taylor, SRHS trustee and also a licensed attorney
  • Billy Guice, special counsel for the Jackson County Board of Supervisors
  • Jim Reeves, attorney for one group of plaintiffs
  • Matt Mestayer, partner with Jim Reeves, attorney for plaintiffs

Reeves, Guice, and attorneys for SRHS have recently signed a settlement agreement which seeks to stop all litigation against Singing River.

Barton and Denham’s motion asks the court to:

  • Allow the cases to continue
  • Remove Judge Breland Hilburn from overseeing the cases
  • Remove Britt Singletary as special master in the cases
  • Remove Steve Simpson as special fiduciary
  • Remove Dogan & Wilkinson, Brett Williams and Kelly Sessoms from representing SRHS
  • Remove Jim Reeves and Matt Mestayer from representing anyone in connection to the case
  • Remove Scott Taylor from his position as a trustee of SRHS
  • Appoint a new judge to oversee the cases

SRHS Watch will update this story as more information comes available.

Read the 57 page motion here.


10 thoughts on “Emergency Motion Filed at Supreme Court – Alleges Judicial Corruption”

  1. If the meeting was about the “federal” cases, where was the federal judge, the mediator appointed by the federal court??? I only see the chancery group. What I see is “the boys” getting together to talk to Hilburn about what they would/should have discussed in open court the next day, and Hilburn then cancels the hearing.

    1. Seems like Singletary stuck his foot in his mouth and inadvertently put the stink on Judge Guirola. Can’t imagine Judge Guirola will appreciate that.

      1. Singletary has a way of putting his foot in his mouth. Judge Guirola isn’t about to become involved in this pissing match. My guess is he will distance himself, if and when the federal court hearing proceeds.

  2. I see that a certain female attorney was there as well. I wonder what Celeste Reep Oglesby’s role was that day as General Counsel for SRHS? Note taker? Arm candy? Or General Counsel? Is she at risk for losing her license too?

    1. There is no female mentioned in the filing. We assume she is not an attorney or otherwise a party to these matters. The woman who is shown on tape is not Celestial Reep Oglesby.

      You have to imagine that if Brett Williams, Kelly Sessoms, and Scott Taylor all showed up, Oglesby had to at least get an invite.

      1. Ah. Thanks for clarifying.
        I have asked around about Scott Taylor and heard Scott Taylor is a wannabe who happened to work for The right man at the right time and ran into his small fortune. He wouldn’t know where to begin with trial preparation, which is why a man who is supposed
        to protect SRHS and Retirees has been trying to help his colleagues get a settlement since he was appointed….he’s as much a Plaintiff attorney as Reeves and everyone needs to remember that.
        Furthermore, he has been acting like an attorney while serving as a trustee. I wonder if he invited the other trustees to this clandestine meeting or if he even prepared a summary to present at the upcoming board meeting. Sad to see McKay’s legacy of dishonor continue through his appointee.

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