Cumbest Signs Docs Appointing Yancey as Rep for BOS to SRHS

Monday, Barry Cumbest was quoted in The Sun Herald:

“I’ve heard it brought up before” about Yancey’s possible conflict, “but Paula doesn’t even represent the board on SRHS.”


See the whole document here.

4 thoughts on “Cumbest Signs Docs Appointing Yancey as Rep for BOS to SRHS”

  1. Barry Cumbest is the same supervisor who did not bother presenting any proof to the public that his appointee to the SRHS Board of Trustees even really lives in Jackson County after it was disclosed that he files homestead in Alabama on his residence. If all of these JCBOS members are not challenged on all the do and say the whole county system may collapse. All voters must start actively looking at the candidates who are opposing the current members in the coming election and help whomever you choose get elected. Cumbest is a great example of a person in a position of authority who does not have a clue and must be dethroned.

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