Breland Hilburn Disgraces Mississippi Judiciary

Judge Hilburn has defied the order of the Mississippi Supreme Court by denying recusal motions without holding a hearing.  The Supreme Court ordered a hearing be held within ten days of its order on Jan. 28.

Hilburn’s order states that he doesn’t disagree with the allegations by Denham and Barton, just that they don’t rise to the level of recusal.

Read the order here

Judge defies state Supreme Court order by not holding hearing, Karen Nelson, Sun Herald

2 thoughts on “Breland Hilburn Disgraces Mississippi Judiciary”

  1. It appears to be time to call in the boys with the straightjacket and cart Judge Batshitcrazy off in a rubber truck. Unless…Hilburn and Team SRHS don’t have anything to lose by attempting something like this. Several members of the overall “team” are “friends and supporters” of at least 3 of the current MSSC Justices, so while it might not work, it might. Some of the fringe players likely have some idea of what is coming, perhaps that is why some like the Oglesbys are getting the heck out of dodge before the fan really spreads what is fixing to hit it (and likely as not, they were little more than peripheral anyway). But others, especially the “core” attorneys, know there is no point in “running” as that will only make it worse. Better to go down swinging and hope for something to shake loose.

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