Barry Cumbest

Barry Cumbest

Cumbest is currently seeking re-election as supervisor for District 1.  Since beginning as Board president in January 2015, the relationship between the BoS and retirees has broken down.  Cumbest has overseen the restriction of public comments, much to the disappointment of the retirees.  Information regarding the BoS’ efforts to investigate and resolve SRHS matters has not been as forthcoming as it was with previous Board president Troy Ross.

Cumbest was the lone supervisor to vote “no” on a resolution support SB 2407 which would eliminate the exception for hospitals in the state’s open records law.

Profile on Jackson County website

Cumbest’s wife is an employee of SRHS.

Media Coverage

Jackson County supports Sen. Brice Wiggins’ bill to open up community hospital meetings” April Havens, Mississippi Press, February 2, 2015
Jackson County supervisor defends ‘no’ vote against SRHS open meetings bill” April Havens, Mississippi Press, February 6, 2015
Barry Cumbest explains comments about SRHS employees being ‘screwed’” Sun Herald, March 9, 2015
Supes put own cash into hospital retirees’ lobbying trip” Mississippi Business Journal, March 17, 2015
Major House Cleaning Needed in Jackson County” Wayne Weidie, The Weidie Report, April 15, 2015


Allen Cronier: SRHS trustee for District 1

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