As the Fan Turns

It’s flying everywhere.  Round up time.

Over in Ocean Springs it’s John McKay day, which is appropriate as his legacy on the SRHS Board of Trustees just ended and Scott Walker got out of jail. The Mississippi Pravda reached peak kiss-ass today, but what else did you expect?

A new lawsuit filed in federal court on behalf of a retired nurse names SRHS entities, KPMG, Transamerica Retirement Solutions, Jackson County, and John Does A-Z as defendants.

District 5 Supervisor Randy Bosarge has issued an open call for resumes for anyone interested in serving on the SRHS Board of Trustees – you must reside in District 5.

At the JCBOS meeting, Billy Guice got called on the carpet for his attendance at the “ex partay” with a couple of judges and a bushel of lawyers. He implicated Celestial Reep Oglesby as also being present.  He claims the “meeting called by the Special Master was consistent with an order earlier entered allowing ex parte communication with the Court and Special Master.”

The Mississippi Supreme Court issued an order to everyone involved at the “ex partay” to file a response by next Tuesday, Jan. 26.  See the order here.

SRHS filed their response in the Supreme Court case.   Nowhere in the response to do they assert the existence of the order of which Billy Guice speaks.

So far Scott Taylor must feel safe ensconced in Ocean Springs’ only gated neighborhood.  The Jackson County Sheriff’s Department has no mention of any reports of threats of arson.


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